Monday menu – October 10, 2011

10 Oct

What we’re cooking this week:

Crockpot Ham, green beans, mashed potatoes
Slow Cooker Italian Subs
Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese
Cola BBQ

This week’s dinner menu is heavy on crockpot meals. I’m running at 6pm two nights a week, so cooking time is scarce. And lately the kids have wanted to play at the park after school, so having dinner already cooking has made that easier to do.

Details, recipes, and links after the jump.

Tacos: 93% lean ground beef, Old El Paso original seasoning, diced tomatoes, 2% sharp cheddar, Newman’s Own pineapple salsa, lite sour cream

Crockpot Ham: Put a ham in crockpot and cook all day, save some leftovers for Wednesday. Add green beans and a pouch of 3P+ mashed potatoes.

Crossing my fingers that it turns out okay. No mashed potatoes for my milk-allergic Meticulous Boy, as they have milk in the mix and he doesn’t care for them anyway.

Slow Cooker Italian Subs: substitute turkey Italian sausage, put in crockpot with other ingredients, add 1/2 cup water, cook on low setting. Use 3P+ hamburger buns and reduced-fat provolone cheese.

This will be the first time we try the turkey sausage and the reduced fat provolone.

Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese: Add 12 oz frozen broccoli (lightly steam cooked in bag), 8 oz diced leftover ham, and use 12 oz uncooked gluten-free pasta.

Putting the pasta in uncooked this time, as it went mushy last time. Adding the veggies and meat for the sake of my stomach, which doesn’t handle large amounts of cheese well.

Modified for my allergy-kid: plain gluten-free pasta with his choice of bottled marinara sauce or Earth Balance “butter” and ham cubes. Will offer broccoli, despite the look I’ll get.

Cola BBQ: Put pork roast in crockpot, pour a can of Coke over it, cook at latest setting all day, drain and add 2/3 bottle or so of BBQ sauce plus some North Carolina style vinegar BBQ sauce. Serve on buns.

Hoping for a milder cola flavor. Tried with root beer and everyone loved it except me.

Leftovers or pizza
If pizza, pick up crust from Capitol Creations. This time, weigh the dough to get an accurate calorie count! Part-skim mozzarella for our pizza, with fresh parmesan for flavor. Kinnikinnick crust and no-cheese for the allergy boy’s pizza.

Dinner out for the big people, (gluten-free) chicken nuggets for the wee ones.

Where do you like to go for dinner without the kids? Do you prefer to eat a light, healthy meal or splurge on date night?

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